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       Michelle Mooney

My name is Michelle Mooney and I live in Northern Utah. I was born and raised LDS. I never questioned the teachings of the church, though there were things I didn't understand and that didn't seem quite right to me. Any time I approached my mom with questions she would shut the conversation down immediately. I was told over and over that I needed to be obedient to the leaders and just have faith. As I got older and was going through high school my curiosity continued to grow. Over the years I experienced a few difficult situations and ended up being kicked out of my mom's house when I was 17. I struggled and felt so alone. I was angry with God. It was a very dark time. I went through a time of being homeless, I was abused physically and sexually. I felt so alone and so worthless. I tried desperately to get help from the LDS church when the sexual abuse I suffered caused a pregnancy. I was turned away by my local bishop and was left alone and heart broken. I worked to get a job and home for me and my child. I went to church on and off for several years. I decided not to have my son blessed when he was born because I just didn't feel right about the church. I would go to church often but didn't really feel a part of it. After years of having one foot in and one out I finally decided I needed to decide if I was a Mormon or not, and what being Mormon really meant. That lead to a journey to truth and love and God. It was hard and lonely at times. But it has been so worth it. God is faithful. He will not abandon you, even if it feels like the whole world has. Myphone number is801-690-2763my email

        Jennifer Carter

Hi!  I am Jennifer.  I was raised in a unique home for an LDS girl.  My mother was LDS, my father was Catholic, and my grandmother was Baptist.  When it came to the choice of how to raise the kids, my mother won and we were raised in the LDS church.  I was an active member for 30 years, baptized and confirmed at age 8, attended mutual, and did all that I was supposed to do.  At the age of 18, I had an opportunity to go to New York as a nanny.  It was there that I was really exposed to different religions and beliefs.  It was an amazing time for me, but I still came home, a faithful member of the church.  Shortly after returning, I met and married my first husband.  He wasn't LDS when we married, but he converted during our marriage.  We had two sons together.  Before we were able to attend the temple as a couple, my marriage fell apart.  We divorced and for three years, I was a single mother.  I still attended church and during this time, I took out my own endowments in the temple.  It was then that I really began to have issues with the church.  I had begun to read the Bible and what I was learning there didn't match with what the LDS church was teaching me.  It was during that time that I met my current husband.  He was an ex member of the LDS church and a born again Christian.  He began to help me understand the Bible better and all that Jesus had done for me.  In January 2003, I surrendered my life to Jesus and have never looked back.  I have lost family and friends over my decision, but it's something I have just come to accept.  Jesus has filled the holes that were made.  Now, my passion is the Bible, my relationship with Jesus, and my family.  I am excited to help anyone I can to come to know the grace Jesus offers.

 My home phone number is 435-888-4464. My cell is 435-630-8820. You can also contact me by email:

       Lee and Kathy Baker

As a former Mormon Bishop and member of the Church for over 32 years, my wife Kathy and I have come to know the Lord Jesus Christ and His grace. Yet, the most enlightening and rewarding action a member of the Mormon Faith can do is precisely what they have been told to do: “Study the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ and the teachings of the Prophets of the Restoration”.  In so doing, we have found many of the most fundamental teachings of the LDS Church to be completely out of harmony with the Lord’s teachings in the Bible.
I know from my personal family experience, one of the most dangerous elements of coming to know that the LDS Church is false, and certainly the most treacherous long-term effect of this knowledge, is the thought that, if I was wrong about the LDS Faith, is it possible that I have also been deceived by Christianity itself? I know the discouraging and depressing fear of considering that as I had been so thoroughly deceived, maybe I had encouraged the deception by my own deep desire for it to be true. Yet, through five years of spiritual and emotional trials, my wife and I have come to better know Jesus Christ and His grace. Exposing the malice in Mormonism is not the verification that Christianity itself is wrong, only that the Mormon’s distorted version of Christianity is wrong. 

Both Kathy and I would love to talk to anyone who has recently left. Please call us at:

1-720-810-1526 or 1-720-810-7667 or email:

             Sachin Samuel

I met the missionaries when I was walking back home from school. They invited me over for a church tour and we had a lesson right after. Everything that they said about the church seemed so perfect. I completely believed them when they said it's the only true church that Jesus Christ established. At this point, I was excited about joining the church and I wanted to set myself right before God. Before I knew it, I got the priesthoods, started attending the temple, paid the tithing and attended church without fail. The leader saw that I was progressing in faith and gave me some good callings like branch mission leader and Sunday school teacher etc. I felt like I was getting better but always felt like I couldn't set myself right before God. I tried so hard to be perfect and righteous but failed. Not because I didn't comply by church standards but because I knew that the level of perfection required by God to stand before him was way higher that the level of perfection required to get a temple recommend. I knew I had become like a Pharisee. I was a whited sepulcher. At this time I decide to get endowed so that I could make higher covenants with our Heavenly Father. I was still trying to be righteous and be worthy to enter into His kingdom. The endowment ceremony was a big shock to me! There was absolutely no scriptural justification for what happened in the temple that day. This was about the time I started researching. I found all kinds of problems in the LDS church. The history, the doctrines and scriptures were all a big mess. At this time I also started reading the New Testament extensively. I watched a lot of your videos, lots of HOTM episodes with Shawn McCraney and also listened to Sandra Tanner. I stopped going to church, I realized that I was worshipping a different Jesus, following a different gospel from the one in the bible. I completely surrendered my life to Jesus, confessed myself as a sinner, confessed that I can't do anything without Him. I was radically changed. Jesus came into me and gave me a new heart. I was a Mormon for 2 years. I tried everything I could to set myself right before God and I failed. I confessed myself as a sinner, asked Jesus to come save me and He did. I have a lot of LDS friends to whom I witness. I try to teach them about the real Jesus of the bible and the real gospel. I love the Mormons, they are wonderful people. They try hard to please God by themselves, they have remarkable amount of faith. The sad part is, they give everything to a temporal institution and not to our eternal Jesus. MyPhone is: 4087755534 or you can email me:

            Stacey Boyd
 I was born and raised under the covenant in a very devout Mormon home. My dad was a bishop and also in several bishoprics throughout my childhood. I always had a desire and love for God but almost always felt like I couldn't measure up if I was being honest with myself. I turned away from seeking God because frankly I felt that He didn't want what I was able to offer. I believe He loved me and was pleased with me as long as I was being "good." In October 2014 I realized there was a difference between Christian theology and Mormon theology. Claiming to be a "Christian" had nothing to do with morals and values but rather the nature of who one believes Jesus Christ is. I had bible verses pointed out to me, specifically 1 Corinthians 1:18 and Ephesians 2:8-9 that made me wonder what else was in the Bible that I had been missing out on. I never fed myself, but depended on what was fed to me in the LDS church. For once I wanted to know for myself. I began reading the New Testament and was quickly swept up by the pure unconditional love of Jesus. The Jesus I was reading about turned out to be all I ever wanted Him to be and more but was never taught that He was. I was in love with my Savior! I could no longer stay in the Mormon church, even as an inactive member because I knew the Jesus they were teaching was NOT authentic. I thought surely I was the only Mormon in my state (Utah) to ever leave the church. I felt so alone and scared to tell my family. But I trusted and relied on God to get me through. He was all I had. My bond with Him grew fast and deep as I turned to Him multiple times a day, broken and alone. He used my weakness for His good (and mine) as promised in Rom 8:28. I would've loved to have a local person to reach out to during that difficult transition. I can only hope to be able to be that for someone else. Philippians 3:8 has so much personal meaning for me. He is worth it!!! Matthew 19:29. I can be reached via email at or phone/text at 801-380-7805

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Cara Street

              Evie Wilson

I was a temple going Mormon for 32 years. I’ve been out since early 2010. I was raised outside the church and was taught there was no God.  I believed in God, but knew nothing about Him or that it was possible to have a relationship with Him.  I believed in the supernatural/spiritual realm and saw it all around me. Today I would compare my beliefs then to what is now called New Age. My supernatural beliefs began to lead me into encounters with spirits. I realized they were evil spirits and didn’t want to be a part of anything evil, but I didn’t know how to break free. My lack of knowledge prevented me from understanding God was truly Almighty and my only answer. And then He personally showed up in my life and freed me from the spirits. I was born again at that moment.  My life transformed forever, for amazing good!
 I went to the LDS church because I was introduced to missionaries. LDS teach a lot of good things and I grabbed hold of those good things. I did not have any Biblical background to realize then the LDS doctrine is full of unbiblical truths and actually are more aligned to doctrines of paganism.
Years later, I began to realize that Mormon general authorities were not acting like the apostles in the Bible (or even the Book of Mormon). They seemed focused on being “politically correct” and avoided answering difficult questions, not being true watchmen of God. I seriously thought there was a good reason and I figured God would tell me. I wasn’t expecting His answer when He said to read Ezekiel 34, and then told me the Mormon Prophets were NOT His prophets, in a way I will never forget. I stopped going to the church immediately.
And then my life changed into confusion and a type of death… then into the transformation Christ talks about, coming to a much more intimate relationship with God.  Now, I am seated in Heavenly Places: Ephesians 3:9-12.                               I’m available to talk to anyone. I’d love to help save you time and frustration, and show you where to find answers as you sort through the mess and blessing of getting out of the deceit of the Mormon Church and come into a true relationship with God.
Email:, phone or text: 801.879.9898 

    Hagen Miller

My name is Hagen Miller. I am 19 years old. I was born and raised LDS. My family went to church every Sunday. When I was a sophomore my Christian friend  invited me to go to his youth group  and I loved everything about it. So I started going every week. After a couple of weeks of listening to the Bible being taught and having a few conversations with people, I surrendered my life to the Lord and I was Born Again. I had to continue to still go to the LDS church on Sunday

because my parents made me. When I was transitioning out of Mormonism I felt pretty alone, I felt like I was the only one who had found out about the truth of the church, and the truth of Jesus Christ. Because of the loneliness that I experienced I would love to be there for someone else to help mentor them and just talk with them about what they are going through so that they know that they are not alone. I now am the Youth Minister for the same youth group. I am attending Calvary Chapel Bible College online. And I work as a substitute teachers as well as a ranch hand.

I can talk Monday- Thurs:

after 4:00 p.m.
Anytime Friday and Sat: Sunday afternoons:

Cell number: 208-993-1324 or email me:

         Layne Howes

I was raised in a very active Lds family, with 7 children me being the 2nd oldest!
Currently I'm a father of 4 children, and recently divorced after 17 yrs of a faithful marriage due mostly to my change in faith!
I had been very active in the lds church nearly 40 years, until about 2.5 yrs ago when I left for Jesus!
At 19 yrs old served a full time mission to the London England, and after an honorable mission I held various callings during my time as a Latter Day Saint from ward and stake missionary, to elders quorum president, to even studying with the CES (church education system) program at one point in my life to teach seminary! While doing that I opted at several high schools in Davis and Weber county teaching the students lds doctrine!
My family roots in Mormonism run deep to this day, some of my early ancestors settled in Utah with the Wiley hand cart company, my uncles company ( the Jacobson company) built the conference center in Slc!
I am one of very few that have fully left the Mormon faith for a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, as a Mormon that statement wouldn't have really meant what it means to me today, as I know longer follow a man made religion I follow Jesus Christ direct!
As recorded in John 8:32 
Jesus said this and When you know the truth " The truth will set you free"!
Wow it truly has done that and more!
Praise the Great God in heaven and may All glory, honor be to Him my Lord, my Savior the king of all Kings even The name of Jesus which alone holds my salvation forever and ever amen!! I would love to help and talk.
My phone number is: 801-390-7450 and my email is

​      La Vonne Earl

La Vonne Earl is the founder and director of YKI coaching associates. She is a Master Certified Christian Coach and trainer for YKI coaching. 
She was an LDS member for 20 years and has been “Free in Christ" for 11 years. 
Author of Loved into the Light. 
La Vonne has been married for 27 years, has four children and a grandson. She has a solid understanding of God's word and works well with those experiencing conflict in their relationships due to religion. She has the ability to relate and understand others. La Vonne  cares, will offer hope, a new perspective, and will help deliver you to a more fulfilled life. If you are experiencing any area of sadness, grief or emotional turmoil you have come to the right place! La Vonne understands the pain you are experiencing and knows exactly how to help bring you some quick relief along with helping you to make the changes necessary for lasting wellness. She works with both individuals and couples. She is a Christian Life Coach:

You can contact her at:email: or Call: 1-855-242-8049

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Carolyn & Jerry came to Utah a few years ago from Southern California. They have studied Mormonism most of their married lives, (33 years plus) under the likes of Walter Martin, Dick Baer and Ed Decker of Saints Alive Ministries. They have entertained LDS Missionaries in the various locations they have lived and made friends with many former Latter Day Saints. They have undergone extensive training and experience in support groups, and ministry leadership within their own churches as well as from outside leaders. Soon after arriving in Utah they were invited to teach the Salt Lake Theological Seminary Bridges Class at The Fellowship in Sandy where they attend church. Teaming up with Lon and Karen Leonard, they formed a support group called Bridging Jordan with the intention of ministering to and mentoring former LDS in a specialized setting. They now have a desire to see this ministry grow into the local Christian church as more and more LDS are seeking new resources for their spiritual needs. 

If you would like to Contact Jerry and Carolyn for mentoring please contact them at: (801) 268-4971


               Mary Hilding

My name is Mary Hilding and I am a grateful believer in the savior Jesus Christ and I love my Savior. I have not always been like this. Here is a little bit about my story. I grew up in a pastor's home. My dad was a united methodist pastor and loved being a pastor's kid. I am one of 10 with having 7 biological siblings and 2 step siblings. When I was 14 my dad died and I thought my world was over. I didn't have any relationships with any of my siblings or my mom. When I was 17, almost 18, I went out and did Youth With a Mission and that was when things changed between my family and I. I wasn't a Christian when I went but pretended that I was for 3 and a half years. Then I left YWAM and went off and did College in Tennessee and started playing rugby. That was when I started feeling attracted towards women but I hid it because I knew my friends and family would not approve. Then after a year a half moved up to southern Illinois to go to School and found a rugby team and joined it. Half the team were lesbians and I thought I had found a safe place. I ended up overdosing about a year into playing rugby because I couldn't go on hiding who I was so I ended up in a psych ward for a week. After that week I came out and told people that I was a lesbian. Was rejected by many people who loved me. So I was involved in Homosexuality for several years. Was involved in a relationship for 3 years and even had a union ceremony with her. She also introduced me to the Mormon Church and I told myself that If I ever left the gay lifestyle I would want to join this church. After 3 years of being in this relationship I left and then 3 months later joined the Mormon Church. I was involved in the Mormon church on and off for 5 years. I loved being apart with a community and some of the stuff the Mormon Church taught but the more I looked into the church and the more I talked to ex mormons the less I wanted to be apart of the Mormon Church. May 17th 2015 was when I dedicated my life to the God of the Bible and my life has never been the same. God has given me a heart for the LGBT and the Mormon Community because I was there once and God just took me out of a dark place and brought me into life. I have a desire to see God move in people's lives and transform them just like he did for me. Please don't give up hope. God Bless.
number: (309) 338-1521
Right now my hours I am available to talk is in the morning before 11 AM central time. Monday thru friday.
But I am hoping to get a job soon when I will be available after 5 pm Monday thru friday and then I am available to chat on the weekends.

Ron Condon

Raised LDS in Southern Ca, did not serve a mission because I was racing motocross circuit in Calif.and had doubts about the Book of Mormon account of the ancient Hebrews in the Americas. Probaly due my Jewish heritage from my grandmother. I had a lot of questions. My LDS leaders couldn't answer. I took James1:5 to heart and studied the Bible and prayed for wisdom. My epiphamy came after reading 2 Corinthians11:1-15 AND Galations1:6-9 I then confessed and repented of my sin and trusted in the finished work of Jesus Christ shed blood as payment for my debt! I am born again of the Spirit and have a LOVE for the LDS People with the desire to share the TRUTH! I would love to help. Please Contact me: My personal cell 661 728 6925 and my email: and I live in Idaho Falls. 

Hello my name is Cara Street, I am a born again Christian, a Former Mormon, and truly believes in the One True God of the Bible and Jesus Christ as my Lord and my Savior. I was raised in a Mormon Family in Provo, UT where mormonism was probably about 98% of the population in the 70's. I lived a Mormon life and I have family back to Joseph Smith. I was then married at 18 in the temple and continued living the mormon life in Heber, UT, raising three boys. 
My marriage was full of abuse and control, everything I did was controlled, very common in mormonism. I had no voice, no opinion, I never spoke up, ever, I was a doormat, and a mouse, Cara became a non-existent person. I went through a divorce, and left everything, except my kids.  I remarried a man Dale and we never discussed religion. But one day a friend gave me a video: "The Bible Vs. Book of Mormon". This affected me greatly and left the LDS Church after this. I still wanted God in my life and attended in St. George UT a Calvary Chapel Church. The true Word of God changed my life and now many of my family members left too. When you allow God open your heart, you lose one Big thing..Fear!..I love Him and have been experiencing 8 years of my walk with the Lord. I would be happy to talk and share a great deal more. Call me at 435-862-8342 or email: God Bless. 

A place to detoxify yourself from Mormonism and find answers from those who were once like yourself. 

     Aaron Shafovaloff​
I am a born-again believer who has been doing regular evangelism to Mormons for 10+ years and regular discipleship of transitioning Mormons for 5+ years. I am a part of a church plant in South Jordan, Utah, called The Mission Church. Most important, I love Jesus and want him to be the center of your life. I also want to encourage you to get connected with good worldview resources, some good Christian friends, and a local Christian church.
Grace and peace,


​Phone or Text: 801-502-9269


                Sue Peters 
My name is Sue Peters. I grew up in a Christan home and church in a town of 800 people in South Dakota. I went to the University of Colorado in Boulder when I graduated from high school, a campus of 10,000 in a town of 50,000 at that time. It was overwhelming to this small town and farm girl. Looking for grounding and belonging, I joined the small group of Mormon students who attended the Institute near campus, having been introduced by my roommate. 20 years, a temple marriage, and 4 children later I found myself divorced and raising 4 sons under 8 years old. Several years and much heartache passed before I began searching for the Jesus of the Bible. A good friend led me to Him and He has become the center of my life, my Healer, and my Redeemer. I attend West Haven Alpine Church and have a ministry to disenfranchised LDS with Transitions, a program put together by Western Institute for Intercultural Studies in Salt Lake City. My sons are grown wih children of their own, and I am blessed with great grandchildren as well! God is good... ALL the time. He will never desert us, and He has a blessed future planned for us filled with His love and grace in spite of anything we could ever do and in spite of anything we have ever done. My email address is, cell phone number 801-698-4953.