A place to detoxify yourself from Mormonism and find answers from those who were once like yourself. 

Mormon Detox Mentoring OUR FOUNDER:

Dave Bartosiewicz

Host of and now Founder of Mormon

our leadership team

Foundation & Team

        Earl and Karla Erskine
Host of Ex-Mormon Files and Former Bishop of the LDS Church for many Years, Earl and His Wife Karla are now Born Again and Sold Out for Jesus.

Our Team and Mentors possess a Wealth of Knowledge and Experience: 

  • provides you with over 15 different Mentors of all ages and experiences to fit your needs.
  • does not charge for your Mentor experience. If you would like to Donate this helps build the Ministry More.
  • is here to Offer it's services to you and please let others know about Spread the Word, we are Here!

         Lee and Kathy Baker

A Former Bishop, High Priest, Author and National Radio Show Host. Both Lee and Kathy were members of the LDS faith for 32 years and now both  Christians proclaiming the Falsehood of Mormonism and teaching the love of Jesus and His Grace.

               La Vonne Earl
Author, Life Christian Coach,
Trained in God’s Word, Integrated Psychology, NLP, Counseling and Coaching. La Vonne specializes in conflict in religion and relationships
Former Mormon for 20 years now Born Again Believer, Christian Counselor living in Orange County California teaching how to Forgive and Love more in your walk with Christ.​

Lynn and Mike Wilder

Author of "Unveiling Grace", Former BYU Professor,  Mormon now Christian. Mike and Lynn travel throughout the Country teaching truth from the Bible and possess a very Christ-Centered Ministry with Adams Road.



To be a support and encourage LDS  members leaving to Find a place that's safe with people who can Help. 


If You Are Interested to Become a Mentor Please Email us at we would love to put you on the Mentor list. 

I believe there are many Ex-Mormons who are greatly in need for His Love, His Grace and Guidance. You will be able to talk to Former Mormons who have made it through and grew into a true relationship with Jesus and have a more meaningful and blessed life. They are devoted to help you with answers and listen to your concerns. This site is for you. God Bless.

Educational Services

Please search our site and you'll find important videos of Mormons helping you through the same things you are currently going through. 

Dave Bartosiewicz